Rates & Terms


  • A job will be invoiced as a day rate, multiplied by the number of the days booked for the job

  • 25% of the invoice will be payable before commencement of the job, this is to ensure all parties are confirmed to start the job

  • Invoices for all jobs will be issued immediately after the job is completed and are to be paid within 14 days of invoice unless otherwise stated.

  • If cancelled within 7 days of the proposed commencement of the job, then 100% of payment will be payable

  • This will be invoiced after cancellation and is payable within 14 days.

  • Post production/editing are to be considered part of a day rate, and are to be paid within 14 days of invoice

  • All payments are to be made using a bank transfer

  • If the conclusion of a job runs over schedule for reasons in the client’s control, extra day(s) required to complete the job will be invoiced in full.

  • By accepting our terms you are agreeing to the terms stated here


  • Mileage expenses within the UK will be charged at 45p per mile

  • Accommodation and other expenses will be invoiced plus 10% administration fee

  • Exceptional expenses may be payable by agreement, in advance, Otherwise, all expenses are to be paid within 14 days of invoice

  • On occasion it may be necessary to get special permissions from the CAA in order to fly

  • On such occasions bookings will be subject to an admin fee agreed prior to the job commencing

  • Time required to obtain these permissions from the CAA will be invoiced as necessary

  • If flying abroad, we may require additional time in order to get permissions to fly

  • With this, there may also be additional cost

  • All costs quoted are exclusive of VAT and so this will be added on at the point of invoice as appropriate


  • A full day is classed as 8 hours working and half days are 3.5 hours

  • If a day or half day is booked and the job runs over, then 30% of the rate will be charged for every additional hour required

  • We have to abide by the CCA rules of VLOS, that we will not fly above 400ft [from ground level] and fly outside 500 meters from the pilot of the drone


  • We have permission from the CAA to conduct operations and this is reflected in our operations Manual

  • Our pilot will liaise with the client if they feel there may be issues that will affect CAA regulations

  • If on the day, there any issues arising from matters of safety, or expectations of the client that would endanger people or structures. Then in this situation the pilot would cancel the flight and the reasons  will be given


  • Our clients may see our certificate of insurance (£5m public liability insurance), our  Operations Manual, a copy of our PfCO and our Terms of Business at any time


  • Unless contractually agreed prior to the commencement of filming, Spitfiredrones will retain copyright of all imagery and data content

  • The client will get complete use of all imagery and data we obtain for their specified projects but the client will not be able to re-sell our footage or allow 3rd party companies to use the product without prior agreement

  • We also reserve the right to prevent any output of our content until full payment has been received

  • If this is not possible due to time restraints, Spitfiredrones will need a specified date of payment in writing and until this is received, no content shall be distributed.

  • We (Spitfiredrones) reserve the right to use any of the content gathered for our own promotional activities

  • We also reserve the right to upload our footage to stock footage libraries after the footage has been released for it’s original purpose


  • Please be assured that all enquiries will be dealt with in complete confidence and an NDA (where applicable) will be adhered to at all times


  • Naturally our work is affected by the weather

  • If the job cannot be achieved because of the weather then we will try our best to re-schedule the job for another day

  • If however you no longer require our services then time spent on the job to date will be invoiced within our standard terms