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Aerial imagery

We, as photographers are now working from above, we use the same skills for composition and lighting as we have used for ground imagery. 

Choice of lenses and filters to produce  outstanding results!

Bespoke photography

We, from a creative standpoint, appreciate the importance of having a understanding.

of your vision.

Creating together we will challenge convention  to produce a true reflection of your brand.

aerial photography service

aerial  marketing 

for your brand


After the shoot

Our post production skills are second to none . The editing process is as important step in the delivered images . True monochrome to bright crisp colours we can add another layer of excellence  to produce outstanding photographs


We have gained invaluable experience from working with  clients across different sectors. This  mixed with  technical knowledge gives a insight  to deliver inspiring photography for your next marketing campaign

aerial photography london

On the ground

We also can provide if required photography that is firmly planted on the ground. With our roots in the classic form of Imagery , we can give you this option so all your needs are met

Technology shaping how we share and see the world


starting out

What ever your business whether you are just starting out, or a fully fledged company. We at spitfiredrones offer a service that could land you those new clients. 

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